About Us


Established in 1999.
We are a family owned business, I started the business in my home 15 yrs. ago and it grew too large for the home so I was blessed to find the perfect location on Hwy 90 next to West Florida Trophies which we work well together with ball teams.  We feel very much at home in this location and we have several of our customers that seem like family.  We love all our customers and hope their feel welcome when they come in.

Meet the Business Owner

Denniel G.Business Owner

I was born in Calif. to a large family so we didn’t have much money to spend on clothes so when I was in the seventh grade I took Sewing and from that point in my life I made all my own clothes from money I would earn from babysitting.  When I go married in 1971 I made my own  Wedding Dress. After we had our three children I started sewing for the public.  After my youngest daughter got married I started in the embroidery business and we have turned it into a family business with my daughter doing must of the business and my husband helps with the screen printing,  Some day we hope the grandchildren will take over the business


Denniel’s Monogramming
Denniel Gilliard
6455 Hwy 90
Milton, FL 32570
ph. 850-981-0923
Fax 850-981-0863
Cell 850-525-6428